The Song of the Sourdough…

Living remote in “bush” Alaska is a calling that usually whispers on the night-wind. It’s a soft whisper and most can’t hear it. It takes a practical approach and appropriate planning. You must still possess a sense of adventure…sorely lacking for many in the modern world. It’s raw country out here, where Tracy and I live. Here is the place of yesterday…what it was a couple of hundred years ago and it hasn’t changed. The wolves, the wolverine, the bear, the fox, the coyote, the lynx, the mink and the marten frequent here. This is their land since time immemorial and it will remain their land. I certainly don’t want to change that. That’s the beauty of it. It hasn’t been tamed. We have, so to speak, but since when has human nature really changed? The answer: it hasn’t.

You must carefully prepare to live here. You must be sure you are of the ilk to make it where only wilderness prevails. You must live with not against what was already here before you arrived. You must meld into their neighborhood. You are the interloper…the strange one just arriving. Treat it all with respect and you’ll get what you earn.

First, my wife and I have lived totally remote for over eighteen years. We rarely frequent town…maybe four to six trips yearly. We are not anywhere near the grid. We are nowhere close to a road. We live on a mile-wide river called the Susitna in central Alaska. We enjoy it here. Stay with me on this blog (which by the way–I’ve never written one before) and I’ll test your courage and stamina to see if you have what it takes to live here–to survive and flourish in the remote Alaska wilderness. There truly is a whisper of the nightwind…there’s a north star agleam to guide us…there’s a winding path to guide us…can you hear it calling, calling…let us go. Join me for another blog very soon. Yours…Chris P.S. I have time to write out here, believe it or not. Check out Christopher Hooten on Amazon and other platforms.

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