Author Christopher Hooten:

Christopher Hooten was born and raised in the Hill Country of Texas and worked in various media outlets including radio, television and newspapers. He served in news director positions in both radio and television and as a slot editor for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal while attending graduate school at Texas Tech University.

 Learning to fly at fourteen, Chris has spent most of his adult life in Alaska and as a “bush” pilot has accumulated thousands of hours of backcountry flying experience. His first children’s book, Pasel and the Forbidden Garden, won the NABE Winter 2021Award for best juvenile fiction. Additional Pasel Rabbit stories for children are planned in the near future.

 Chris lives with his wife, Tracy, in a remote off-the-grid cabin in bush Alaska. Their nearest neighbors are two bald eagles, George and Gracie, who raise their eaglets in a massive nest fifty yards south of their cabin. Snowmachine and boat, seasonally, are their only mode of transportation to the cabin.

Christopher Hooten’s Books:

Journey Through The Rift

by Christopher Hooten

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Horace Bascom was born a hundred years too late. He simply did not fit in the modern world. A recluse, a billionaire, highly educated as a physician and a physicist, he accomplished the greatest scientific achievement of the 21st century—crossing the rift of time into an earlier century. Travelling to Ft. Worth, Texas, circa 1878, he meets a young woman suffering from advanced tuberculosis. This chance meeting changes his life. He races across the rift to bring her life-saving antibiotics and assist in her recovery. However, complications now exist in the modern time-line as leaked financials of H.B.’s vast wealth reach media outlets throughout Texas and his 100-acre ranch becomes a focal point for reporters hawking for a story.

 Sinister eyes read of H.B.’s vast wealth and isolation and send forces to kidnap him. However, he has a problem. He must protect the secret time machine from the outside world and yet help the critically ill young woman of another century. He must find someone to help him. Someone he can trust. Someone who can fight to save his ranch and protect the secret locked within his garage. He must leave, take his chances, and again go “across the rift” to fulfill his destiny and save a life.

The Stalking Wolf

by Christopher Hooten

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This story is inspired by true events…

Carl was an inexperienced pilot and the assignment he was given was beyond his abilities. He was to fly two young teenagers through Merrill Pass in the middle of a spine of tall mountains known as the majestic Alaska Range. Mistakes were made, fatal mistakes, and the unforgiving nature of the mountain pass took a terrible toll on Carl, his young teenage passengers, and his newly rebuilt “bush” aircraft.

Survival in this rugged landscape in one of the last great wildernesses of North America took guts and courage and luck. Eli and Lori found themselves in circumstances few have experienced since the last great Ice Age. A wolf pack and its leader dogged their trail and sought to kill what had invaded their secluded domain. Tomorrow was not promised to these two teenagers as they fought to survive the challenges of the Last Great Frontier. Here, where silences reign supreme, the howl of the ferocious Alaskan wolf is a threat to be reckoned with.   

Pasel and the Lost Trail (Pasel Series, Book 2)

by Christopher Hooten

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Pasel finds new challenges as his reckless jackrabbit friend, Jasper, puts his life in danger throughout this new adventure. Jasper’s thoughtless behavior introduces us to new characters as Pasel befriends, along with Ollie the Owl, two amazing raptors, John Golden and Will Baldy.